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Most promising digital marketing Instagram influencers who can help you understand the trends for your business

Have you been trying to boost your business but not able to figure out how? Have you been coming across infinite ways that suggest you that you can find your solutions in one click? Are you an Instagram geek and scroll all day to kill time? Have you come across Instagram influencers and their art of persuading audience?

Now, Do you find any relevancy or find a point in all of the above questions?

Maybe yes? Maybe not?

Here’s something for you…

On the previous blog, we spoke about why today’s business should adopt the digital lifestyle.

Today, let’s talk about how we can take the first step in this process.

One of the biggest trends on digital platforms is social media in which Instagram stands out the most. Instagram is nothing but a photo and video sharing app. An entirely visual platform which is a big deal today. When we talk about Instagram, we all know how Instagram influencers are becoming the talk of the town in this world of trends. Influencers are nobody but experts who have specialized skill or knowledge of that particular subject. 

On that very note, bringing to you a set of some great promising digital marketing Instagram influencers who can inspire you in very many ways to help you understand how you can transform to digital.

P.S The list goes in no order. All of them specialize in different categories. The hashtags are an indication of their specialization

#1 SORAV JAIN (#AskMePersonalBranding)

None other than the master of all masters! Ranked #1 by Buzzsumo, Sorav Jain has over 10 years experience into the digital marketing industry and has consistently made a point to inspire every aspirant out there! He has the power to make you realize YOU ARE AWESOME and can help you improve your personal brand in a way no else can. For all you businessmen and women out there, it’s not just his preachings that will inspire you but I’m sure his positive aura, all in all, is the biggest takeaways you can get! Follow soravjain on Instagram. 

#2  VIKAS ROY (#AskMeInstagram)

Self-taught digital marketer and a very happening Instagram influencer. Vikay Roy can tip you on top instagram models on how to build your brand, how to use your hashtags right and how to get the Instagram algorithm on point. Graduated in Electronic Science and a proud Delhiite. Vikas Roy is on a mission to help brands transform their business online. With the very right usage of the yellow and black colour schemes, Vikas Roy gives us major #FeedGoals! Follow thevikasroy on Instagram. 

#3  BUSINESS DAILY DOSE (#AskMeMarketing)

A wall filled with tips, more tips and just many more tips. A wall filled with a great action plan and ways in which we can make money doing things what we love. In today’s times, nothing such as impossible exists. With increased technology and access to every form of information, everything is possible. And this wall does justice in proving so.  Follow businessdailydose on Instagram for a journey to financial freedom. 


Founder of Crazy Egg and the mastermind behind keyword tool UBERSUGGEST. Neil Patel started when he was just 16. A highly devoted and most commonly known for SEO (Search engine optimization) expert can help you understand how you can rank your business and educate you more about how search engines work. He has been recognized under top 10 online marketers by Forbes and a top influencer under 35 by the United Nations.  Follow neilpatel on Instagram. 

#5  PAVAN KHARATE (#AskMeOnlineGrowth)

Pavan (digipun) is an advertising and marketing specialist and has an extremely pleasing wall which can tip you on how you can grow your brand on Instagram and give you some insightful tips on Facebook Ads too. Digi pun as the name suggests, shows his dual nature and that he is someone who is ultimately humorous! 22 year old, Computer engineer and a digital marketer, pavan has a very strong computer technical knowledge that can help you understand the technical aspects easily.  Pavan has some really interesting rules on his Instagram wall that we can always implement for an organic reach of audience. Follow digipun for a growth mindset.


     “If you love your work, if you enjoy it, you‘re already a success.”

Digital Shivani is someone who passionately follows this quote. Nobody, but just a  normal person who loves what comes her way. Digital Shivani is the right inspiration we all need right now. If you are someone who is trying to grow through advertisements and need a guideline on SEO, Shivani is the person! Whatever you do, make sure you enjoy it.. You love it. Follow digitalshivanii on Instagram. 

#7 RAND FISHKIN (#AskMeRanking)

So how many times have you wanted to analyse your business ranking, know your competitors and determine your domain authority? The MOZ tool co-founded by Rand Fishkin is something which can help you. 

He also founded another tool called SparkToro that helps you understand your users and audience and about their activities and preferences.   

His book “Lost and Founder: A Painfully Honest Field Guide to the Startup World”  talks about the struggles and mistakes he faced in his entrepreneurial journey. Rand Fishkin is a person with an inspirational journey. His techniques and tools are beneficial to everyone who has been trying but not getting the appropriate satisfied results. Follow randderuiter on Instagram. 

#8  NIRANJAN RAMESH BABU (#AskMeLatestTrends)

Someone who started exploring the digital world at just the age of 12 and gradually became a pro at search engines. Niranjan is a great consultant who can help you understand your niche, define your scope and illustrate various job roles. Extremely active in keeping up with public issues and a person with strong media appearance. Head to our very own south Indian personality for some great consultancy services! Follow niranja555 on Instagram.


Sahil Khanna is your very famous youtube ka bandha! With simplicity as a mindset and confidence as the dress up, he can win your attention in no time. He is an engineer turned digital marketer and helped entrepreneurs across the globe through his influence strategy. His creative and analytical skill will help you to monetize your skills after having been inspired by him. Follow intellectualindies on Instagram.

#10  JAY BAER (#AskMeStrategies)

Author of 6 Best Selling business books and founder of 5 Multibillion-dollar companies, Jay stands on top in terms of smart business. He is also a keynote speaker and teaches how to use digital resources in the right way to win the ultimate customer goal. Follow jaybaer on Instagram for more such insights. 

#11  AYUSHI JAIN (#AskMeBlogging)

One of the very effective ways to increase traffic and work on brand awareness is blogging. Consistent blogging helps in attracting potential customers and adds credibility to the brand. Ayushi Jain is a passionate blogger who has some insightful tips on blogging and on how to increase business on digital platforms. Follow bloggingdigital_ on Instagram.  

#12  DIGITAL DHAIRYA (#AskMeInstagramGrowth)

A highly confident and extremely dashing Instagram influencer focused only on the game-changing techniques in today’s society. Marketing for Digital Dhairya is all about the stories you tell and not about how to sell your products. An impressive Instagram wall that can give you insights on growth, tips on how to buck up with nothing and overall how to stay confident. Follow digitaldhairya on Instagram.

 #13 BRIAN D EVANS (#AskMeMarketingTips)

Brian D Evans is an entrepreneur and also listed in the Top Digital Marketers list in FORBES. His wall on Instagram is none other than those go to walls for inspiration. He is also considered to be the most INFLUENTIAL MILLENNIAL ENTREPRENEURS as well. If you have a startup and if you are looking for some motivation and inspiration, Brian D Evans is the person. Follow briandevans on Instagram. 

#14 ABHISHEK KOTHARI (#AskMeInstagramMarketing)

 Abhishek Kothari is a degree holder in marketing and management operations. Not only does he aim at helping businesses on growing their online presence but one thing that makes him stand out on this list is his thirst for keeping up with creativity. A graphic designer who can help you in understanding how you can use the colour therapy along with the right marketing techniques to get your audience attention. Follow brandingabhi on Instagram. 

#15  DIGITAL PRATIK (#AskMePodcast)

Known as the Top Podcaster In India, Digital Pratik has an evergreen smile that can win hearts too! He calls himself the “Indian Romeo of building a successful and powerful brand.” He can help you understand personal branding works and how you can market using the audio form. He has a huge fan following, that goes gaga over his candid skills. Follow digitalpratik on Instagram.  

So there, this was my take on the some of the digital marketing instagram influencers. I hope this list bring meaning to your growth and transformation. If you feel you have suggestions and feedback pertaining to this blog, you are most welcome to share your view. Comment down and I promise to get in touch with you regarding any query.  Stay tuned with me on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn.