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The Ultimate Ways To Social Proof

Have you tried Kylie’s skincare collection? It’s so good!! Now, this is WORD OF MOUTH! And any form of word of mouth done on a digital platform is social proof.

Hope I got you there!

Ask yourself, When you scroll through a website and you see an industry expert giving their view, don’t you gain the trust?

Yes, you do! Because that review comes from a genuine person and that persuades you to buy the product.

Social proof is an old concept in itself but the rise of social media and its influence shows that it is a great marketing tactic.

Social proof is a term coined by Robert Cialdini in his book, Influence released in 1984. It is a book that throws light on a psychological and social aspect where it shows that people tend to copy the actions of others to undertake a certain kind of behaviour in a given scenario.

Back in those days, the social proof was of these types. You can see how testimonials were used to gain more trust for the brand.

Source – Google

But with the advent of social media, social proof has taken a whole new level. Here are a few examples of how social proof has taken the poll in modern times.

We see how the customer reviews, ratings and images are given on point.
Testimonials given by customers on landing pages.
Word of referral game going strong!

So have you now understood why social proof works so well?

From what you have read above, you must have now understood that social proof

  • Builds trust in your brand.
  • With the trust earned, it lets you build a community for growth.
  • It allows your customer to gain more confidence in your product/service.
  • It gives your business a chance to incorporate the voice or the opinions placed by your customer.
  • Last but not the least, social proof carries more weightage than the message presented by the brand itself for their product/service.

So many perks of one marketing tactic, that is SOCIAL PROOF. It can be done in multitudinous ways bringing in extensive results.

When we talk about social proof, we also need to understand that there are a few standard types of social proof.

These types can be followed based on what your business requires.

Let’s understand the six types.

1.The wisdom of a friend

A word of mouth coming from someone from our known circle is always considered.

2. The wisdom of the crowd

This is to show how people in the group think as a whole and attest to the same opinion.


A verified or certified account always catches attention and trust like no other.

4. Expert opinion

Social proof coming from the influencers or an expert in a particular field.

5. Consumers opinion

An opinion coming from the user’s end.

6.Celebrity opinion

The strongest form of influencing strategy engaging a large crowd. 

Below is the list of how you can achieve these social proofs and get the best reverberation for your brand. 

1. Reviews and testimonials of your product/service

This is one of the strongest and the highest form of trusted social proof method. Ask for reviews to your customers as it helps you to attract more, stay appreciated in their eyes and above all it benefits your SEO. The review can be done in countless ways. Short feedback forms to know their opinions, one-click star ratings, adding incentives when they leave a review etc. Know what fits your business well and engage in it.  

Source – Google

2. Use social proof on your ad copy

You might think that this is a very conventional approach, but do not forget OLD IS GOLD. Using a testimonial or a review of your customer on your ad copy makes a big difference on the first impression. It catches attention, makes the consumer curious to know more about your product/service and somewhere also increases the CTR (click-through rate).

Source – Google

3. Influencers take-over

The power of influencers has been taking the poll ever since the madness of social media has begun. You can invite influencers who are expert in your particular field/niche to come and take over your and interact with your followers for a day and give your products/service their opinion or review on it. This way you engage more audience to your wall and give them an overview of your business. And a review coming from an experienced person is always well noted and taken into account by the consumers.

Source – Google

4. Exclusivity

FOMO (the fear of missing out) is real and motivating. When a resource is scarce, our caveman brains tell us to act fast and thus create more demand for the product/service. This can be an extremely smart strategy for small growing business brands. You may not have the resources to produce massive runs of each product or ship on demand. Reframing this limited availability as a feature for your brand can add more significance to it.

Source – Google
Source – Google

5. Acknowledge your mentions

Every time you get featured, get mentions, tagged by some big brands, by experts or users show appreciation to them. The more you acknowledge, the better your social proof.

Source – Google
Source – Google

6. Celebrate milestones

Every time you reach a particular number of followers, reach your target for the campaign, receive great responses on campaigns, achieve a particular number of downloads of your app, CELEBRATE IT!! Thank your audience and pay gratitude to them as they are the ones who help you reach these milestones­­­­­. Showing gratitude this way is another form of great social proof. Do not let them go and keep them engaged throughout!

Source – Google

7. User-generated content

Your products and services are loved by your users! They cannot help but get benefitted by your product as much as they can. They show their love for your product/service on their social media platform. CATCH IT RIGHT THERE!

This is yet another master blaster idea for social proof. Share the content created by your users on your wall and show the audience that YESS, YOU ARE LOVED, YOU ARE TRUSTED!!

8. Social proof on Facebook

Get your customers to like your product, share your services and comment down about their experiences on Facebook. Facebook is a vast platform and has great impressions when the marketing is done right. A small gesture like a ‘Like’ also can do a good job of social proof for your business. Keep your customers rolling, know more about their opinions, ask them to get in touch with you on Facebook cuz why not? Who is not on Facebook these days? 😉

Source – Google

9. Mention the size of your trust bond

You can give a good example to the wisdom of the crowd by mentioning your customer size in your profile bio.

If you have a large customer size, shout out to your loyal customers. This way you also attract more customers as they see a large audience engaged in your business. The first impression in your consumer’s eyes is set right there and your business gains more loyal customers.

10. Referral marketing

This technique is about how your existing customers can help you gain more new customers daily. A recommendation from a known person is always taken into account. This is a valuable form of social proof and marketing tactic and falls under the wisdom of a friend type of social proof.

Source – Google

In the above image, you can see how the brand has asked the customers to refer/invite friends so that they can market the product and thus provide some awesome social proof.

Do social media better, faster, and smarter with Now that you have a ton of ideas for how social proof can benefit your brand, it’s time to start incorporating them into your marketing strategy. You’ll be harnessing the power of the crowd in no time!

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